Week 5 | 100 Day Contortion Flexibility Challenge

100 Day Challenge 2 | Contortion Flexibility | Days 29-35

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Week 5 was equal parts strength and flexibility. I did a lot of gymnastics and pole dancing to support my flexibility training and to keep everything in balance.

 I have had to take it easy on all splits because my hip flexors are not feeling 100% when in splits. I am targeting my quads and hamstrings instead, which I can tell I have been neglecting! The leg up against the wall in a lunge is really helping, especially with the support of the deck railing behind me. 

Lunge with foot to head

I can finally arch my back and stretch my neck enough to see my toes, this is a kind of a big deal!!

My needle is also improving, I feel more balanced and comfortable on both sides.

Everyday before I stretch, I complete my consistent warmup and dynamic stretching routine from The Flexibility Challenge.

Days 29-31

I had to take 3 days off from intense strength and flexibility training. I made sure to move my joints in all ways to keep loose, but other than that I took it easy and consumed a ton of fresh food, and water.

I also made these delicious raw vegan stuffed peppers with nacho cashew cheese!!

Raw Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Day 32

Day 32 was a long 6 hour day at the studio. We did pole choreography, stretch and flex, and a bunch of pole moves. I think the whole day I sat down for maybe 20 minutes total.

When I know I’m about to do an intense workout I make sure not to eat heavy and only eat light simple foods with plenty of liquid. This will ensure that I stay strong for hours upon hours.

I want to note that all I consumed that day was 1 gallon water, 1 qt nettles infusion, 1/2 quart warrior greens, 2 bananas, 10 cups mixed greens & herbs, 1/2 cup cashews, rice and dry roasted veggies.

Day 33

I started with a light morning stretch before heading out to the farmers market. Something about the glow of the morning sun made this stretch session very relaxing and enjoyable. 

I then went to a beach park on the Chesapeake Bay not too far from where I live:)  I started with a light warmup running up and down the beach with chico dog. I did some gymnastics as my dynamic stretches, and then a few intense poses, which Dominick was nice enough to help me with while playing fetch with chico dog. The breeze, sun and sound of the waves all together was so peaceful, I love stretching at the beach!

tulip - contortion pose

Day 34

About 1/3 way through the flexibility challenge and noticeable progress has been made. I can feel my shoulders and upper back opening up quite nicely. I am also holding better posture and significantly evened out strength and flexibility in my chest and upper back, which has been extremely challenging. It has taken me over a year of conscious effort to fix my posture and I am finally feeling like I have reached the first step! What a big step!!!!

needle - contortion pose



Day 35

Just another day at the studio, teaching and working the pole. I have been having a blast on the spinning poles at Chic Physique, I keep finding new things I want to try, I have to start writing it all down! I didn’t focus on intense stretching, just a warmup and slight flexibility on the pole.

So that was week 5, a good week indeed! Hopefully my break from intense splits will prove beneficial so I can start working on them in week 6!

Happy stretching to you all!

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