Week 6 | 100 Day Contortion Flexibility Challenge

100 Day Challenge 2 | Contortion Flexibility | Days 36-42

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Week 6 in the flexibility challenge was very active, there was only 1 day in the week that I rested. Every other day I did my warmup and dynamic stretches. 4 out of those 6 days I did intense contortion stretches. I am feeling bendier than ever after finding what specific muscles I needed to focus on, my quads and my shoulders.

If you would like access to my consistent warmup and dynamic stretching routine visit The Flexibility Challenge.

Day 36

On day 36 I did my warmup and dynamic stretches and a simple quad, upper back and shoulder stretch. The more I stretch my quads the better my backbends get!

Day 37

The flexibility challenge - forearm bridge

Day 37 was a day to remember, I finally as able to grab my foot/ankle while in a forearm bridge. It was incredibly challenging but I focused on my breathing and the flexing and relaxing of my back muscles to allow me to go further. I think what also helped was doing an equal amount of forward bending as well. 

Day 38

Jade Split pole trick on a tree

I did my standard warmup and dynamic stretches again and then went for a hike where I played on the trees and practiced flexibility poses. I wore myself out by the end of the day!

Day 39

Pole Twisted Grip - Dead Lift

I went to the studio all day to teach classes. I went in early to again do my warmup and dynamic stretches along with some deadlifts on the pole, which was actually my first time. Not only am I gaining more flexibility from this challenge, but also strength! I am always shocked at how inclusive dynamic stretching is!

Day 40

Bow and Arrow on the Potomac

You would think I would be resting on my only off day, but I went to the Potomac instead and hiked the trails with Chico dog and Dominick. It was such a beautiful day with beautiful scenery and a hardcore workout! I warmed up by running through the trees and doing some simple static stretches and a few poses.

Day 41

Finally a day of rest, I didn’t do anything physical because I was worn out! I drank a lot of water, ate a ton of greens, and a big dinner.

Day 42

I was so tired I barely wanted to do anything but sleep, but I had to keep going because I had a long day at the studio. I went in an hour early to get in my warmup and dynamic stretches, I was so tired thought that’s about as far as I went. I taught pole classes and a split class where I was pleasantly surprised. My hip flexor doesn’t cause me the least bit of pain anymore when in splits. I think by leaving it alone completely and only focusing on the quad for the past 2 weeks has really been helping.

I also had to eat very lightly because I needed to make it until 10pm on only 6 hours of sleep.

Almost half way through the challenge and progress is definitely being made inch by inch. It has taken a lot of dedication and patience this far, but it is all worth it in the end!

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