The Flexibility Challenge | Rainbow Marchenko Prep | Day 4

100 Day Challenge 2 | Contortion Flexibility | Day 4

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Day 4 of The Flexibility Challenge was incredible, I worked on bridges, over splits, tulip, chest stands, and prepped for the rainbow marchenko on the silks!

I went to contortion class at 11:30 am with Shelly Guy after drinking 4 quarts of water and nerve soothing tea. I also ate a banana, grapefruit, and the incredible Warrior greens and Earth by health force mixed with water. 

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The highlight of the day was definitely when I got to practice my rainbow marchenko on the silks. That really felt like a productive stretch. The featured photo was taken when she said straighten your leg. I straightened and tried to pull myself further back. The photo below was when I was just trying to reach my arms farther back, by walking my hands own the silks.

The Flexibility Challenge | Rainbow Marchenko Prep on Silks |  Day 4

The last trick was the chest stand, I used some leverage from the 2 blocks behind me, I also like to do this method on my couch. When you have leverage you can focus less on the strength it takes to kick your legs up and over, and focus on the incredible stretch in your throat and neck. It is unlike anything I have ever felt before.

The Flexibility Challenge | Chest stand straight legs no assistance | Day 4

After trying to make my legs parallel to the ground which I can see now was a fail, I bend my legs and use all the strength in my leg and back muscles to pull my feet closer to my head.

My friend “photographer” said she didn’t get me in my furthest position but that’s okay, my feet were not to the ground yet without assistance, and that’s the goal. I just couldn’t bring myself to put my throat through anymore pressure, when someone pushes me down it’s easier, but I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t feel  like someone is choking you. In the end it is the most incredible neck stretch in the world.

The Flexibility Challenge | Chest stand bent legs no assistance | Day 4 

Tulip was a new one I had never tried before. Dee and I were talking about how we have done the easier yoga version, bow. The difference is in bow you grab your ankles reaching straight back rather then upwards and back.

So the progression of tulip is you lay down bring your feet straight up, push up into cobra aka seal, reach backwards and grab your feet, reach up with everything. Then you come back down touch your feet to your head and bring your knees together. Fun stuff!

The Flexibility Challenge | Tulip | Day 4

This was my first day ever doing the tulip. It felt pretty good on my shoulders.

On Day 4 of the flexibility challenge my hamstrings were pretty tight but I worked through the routine to help strengthen and loosen the muscle. Now today day 5 I feel no tightness, I actually feel strong. My back especially feels tall as I try and hold a perfect posture while writing this.

Overall it was a flexible day! Today, Day 5, I will be moving my joints in circular, back and fourth, and side to side motions to keep everything loose. I will probably do some light stretching as well because I love it so much!

Seeing everyone’s progress in the community is so uplifting and inspiring. So happy right now!

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