22 Weeks Pregnant

A Purified Pregnancy | Weeks 21-22

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The second trimester has been treating me well, and I have been hoping the third trimester, which is slowly creeping up, will treat me just as good. I can already tell the pressure on my bladder, will be a nuisance but nothing I can’t handle, especially after such a rough first trimester, so I say bring it on. I had an …

A Purified Pregnancy | Week 20

A Purified Pregnancy | Weeks 19-20

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I can’t believe we’re already halfway to a new and exciting life, time flies and we’re getting more and more excited by the day. We had the big anatomy scan a few days ago and everything is looking good, Adrianna even gave us a big thumbs up. It took about 45 minutes and they checked everything, facial features, spine, legs, …

18 weeks pregnant

A Purified Pregnancy | Weeks 17 & 18 | Gender Reveal

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This week we found out the gender and my wish of an enjoyable pregnancy has finally come true. I am very thankful nausea and severe heartburn are a thing of the past, something I try to forget, now hunger is always present, even after just eating, so I just keep eating. Thankfully I have been living a purified lifestyle for …

How To Naturally Stop a Cold or Flu

The Ultimate Guide to Beating the Cold & Flu

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In this article I’ll show you ways to naturally stop a cold or flu before it gets worse. To stop a cold or flu dead in it’s tracks, you must recognize your body’s warning signals and try several different alternative options to see which ones work best for you. These are all simple, effective and natural ways to make sure you …

2015 Reflection and The Year Ahead

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With the new year coming in fast, it’s time to dream up the future and reflect on the past. Ideally this process happens more than just once a year. 😉 In 2015 career goals were in top focus for both Dominick and I. We were faced with many challenges and worked many long hard hours but through these challenges we grew substantially. …

Top 10 Immune Boosting Habits

Top 10 Immune Boosting Habits

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My top 10 immune boosting habits keep me healthy all year round, so I can focus on my goals without interruption. A lot of people I know are getting sick right now, but not me. Over the past 4 years I have been developing my perfect “alternative first aid kit” to combat congestion, sore throats, and my yearly case of chronic …

contortion flexibility

100 Day Challenge | Contortion Flexibility | Day 100

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The 100 day contortion challenge has been the most incredible body enlightenment experience and will continue well beyond the intended 100 days. I proved to myself that I could achieve my greatest flexibility by focusing, “visualizing” if you will, on my end goal. I had to become comfortable with the movements before I saw any real progress, it took a lot …

A City Workout and Raw Food Dining | Purified Lifestyle

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Raw food dining and acrobatic workouts in the city that never sleeps, a dream come true! It has been a week since my return to DC from NYC, and it already feels like a lifetime ago. As I relinquish the memory, I can’t help but smile, because every time I go to Manhattan everything goes so smoothly. I had a …