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I offer private classes, group classes, online lessons, email support, and a structured flexibility routine for at home. Please contact me below for more information. 

As a child I tried as many sports as possible to find the right fit, I loved gymnastics, wrestling and sprinting. As an adult I found my passion in aerial acrobatics and contortion. I am constantly on a journey of expanding my physical abilities and look forward to sharing this journey with all of you! 

After dabbling in almost every sport there is, I gained insight from a variety of coaching styles thus developing an open minded approach to fitness. I love incorporating cross training into fitness routines because I believe different sports and techniques broadens your athletic ability. In every class I try to target specific fitness goals, using different techniques for improving balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. I infuse breathing techniques, proper form, posture and a focused mental awareness of all muscles to gain a better understanding of your body.

Handstand Split in the Grass

The Flexibility Challenge 

Need A Structured Stretching Routine For Home?

In April 2015 I built a website to house the ever-expanding growth of the flexibility challenge community.  Here you will find my consistent stretching routine which is based primarily off warming up and dynamic and static stretching. I also created a stretching guide to help you create your own routine which can be modified every day. 

There are a lot of features such as a community forum, ability to post progress, user profiles, private messaging, resources and more.

The Flexibility Challenge

The Flexibility Challenge - Before and After

Private Lessons

All Skill Levels Welcome!

If you want quality one-on-one time, private lessons may be perfect for you. Learning is limitless with a class that is tailored to meet your specific wants and needs. Please contact me below for more information.

Local Classes

Currently I am teaching local classes at Chic Physique , My Body Shop, and Fit.4.Pole

Chic Physique Aerial Academy

My Body Shop



Pole At Home 

I recommend the x-pole, they really are the best! I have the titanium gold 50mm x-pert pole. It definitely holds up to it’s expectations. I’ve had my pole for 5 years and it has never let me down. It’s really easy to put up and take down once you get the hang of it and it doesn’t leave a mark on the ceiling. Other poles just don’t compare in my opinion.

Most studios use 45mm poles which are also great if you have small hands or a smaller frame. I recommend going to your local studio and comparing sizes to see what you prefer before buying.

Find The Perfect Pole!

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