• Raw Vegan Cheesy Kale Chips
    Super Crunchy Kale Chips | Raw Vegan & Nut Free
    Extra crunchy raw vegan kale chips made with spicy sesame cheese. When I say extra crunchy I mean it! The vegan cheese sauce dehydrates into a thick a...
  • Taco Salad with Raw Vegan Taco Meat
    Vegan Taco Salad
    This taco salad has 4 easy components; brown rice, raw vegan taco meat, salsa fresca, and a sorrel garlic ramp guacamole. This is not your average tac...
  • Raw Italian Pasta with Zucchini Noodles
    Raw Zuchinni Pasta | Garlic Tomato Basil Sauce
    Here is an easy homemade tomato sauce from scratch that is super healthy for you and takes no time at all to prepare ! My favorite happens to be when ...
  • Raw Vegan Corn Bread
    Raw Vegan Corn Bread
    Get ready for the ultimate raw, vegan, gluten-free and nut-free corn bread! This raw bread is crispy on the outside like toast, soft on the inside lik...
  • Imitation Tuna Fish | Vegan
    A fresh probiotic rich substitute for tuna fish sandwiches, made from an ingredient combination you have to taste to appreciate.  You’ll ne...
  • Homemade Body Butter in a Blender
    A luxurious minty body butter made from raw shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils. These raw oils combined, will keep your skin velve...

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I’m glad you’re here! This is where I share my favorite recipes and fitness tips, from flexibility to pole dancing, I’ve got it covered.

I recreate recipes with different ingredients and styles of preparation such as sprouting, fermenting, dehydrating, and more. The most important part of any recipe here is that it’s delicious and something I would prepare again. So take a look around and let me know what ya think!

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Pure Cookies Book

Pure Cookie Book

Calling all healthy cookie monsters! Let’s replace the ingredients to our favorite cookies with pure, simple and whole ingredients. We’re replacing flour, refined sugar, butter and eggs with ingredients such as almonds, cashews, buckwheat groats, and dates.

You’ll find the classics like thin mints, oreos, maple pecan, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, lemon poppyseed and more!

My goal was to make a versatile cookie batter that could be used in a variety of different cookies. I wanted options and I especially wanted a raw vegan cookie with crispy outsides and soft insides. Many cookies later, I came up with 3 base recipes that can be used interchangeably in all 12 cookies. That means there are a total of 36 cookie recipes!

Order Book!*

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The Flexibility Challenge

Gain flexibility with full stretching routines for middle splits, side splits, lower back, upper back & shoulders, handstands, and more!

  • Write out your goals, schedule, and strengths & weaknesses.
  • Make a profile.
  • My entire stretching routine with warmup, dynamic stretches, and static stretches in gif format.
  • Add new progress posts to the community and more!

Join The Challenge

Vivi's Before & After

Private Flexibility Lessons


Book an online flexibility lesson with me and get a free 100 day membership pass to The Flexibility Challenge.

1 hour lessons using Skype, FaceTime, or Google Chat. Message me for local lessons.

Let me help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and give you stretch variations to help you target specific muscles.

I will also help you correct your form and posture, give you tips and tricks on how to perform certain poses, and answer all of your questions. 

Schedule Lesson

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