100 Day Flexibility Challenge

Introducing the 100 Day Flexibility Challenge

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I am so excited to announce the upcoming 100 day flexibility challenge! As you may know last year I decided to do a 100 day contortion challenge, and it was a complete success. I would stretch at least 6 hours per week, thus increasing my flexibility by 50% in 100 days!

I also made a deeper change within myself, delveloping a habitual routine, a craving to stretch and the ability to focus and individually control muscles. All day long you will find me contorting and moving in all directions, visualizing myself in different positions, focusing on my posture and isolating muscles. I do all these things on the regular now because the 100 days of stretching created a habit and the rewards were obvious.

The key to success is consistency, the key to consistency is habits. I have it all covered for you, so all you have to do is participate!

Secretly I am a nerd, behind the scenes I deal with building websites on the regular. I have become pretty good at what I do and so I decided to build a members only portal specifically for the 100 day flexibility challenge. This portal has all the tools you will need to increase your flexibility!

Here is a little preview.

How it Works

Consistent Warmup

Alt Text

Pose Guide

Alt Text

Upload From Phone

Alt Text

Consistent Dynamic Stretches

Alt Text


Alt Text


Alt Text

Create Goals

Alt Text

Share Progress

Alt Text


Alt Text

 1 consistent stretching routine will help you build habits, habits help you reach your goals automatically!

The official start date is April 1st 2015 but you can start your 100 days anytime after. 

I have put my heart into this because I love helping people reach their goals! I’m really anticipating the launch and will update all of you who sign up in the pre-sale of a pre-launch so you can start uploading your starting pics asap!

Comment below if you have any comments, questions or suggestions!

Pre sale is happening now save 20%!

$8 for a 100 day pass until March 31st 2015

$5 for a 30 day pass

The official website launch and 1st flexibility challenge will start April 1st 2015. Memberships will start on that day as well.

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