My Weekly Meal Plan

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Weekly Meal Plan

All the recipes on the meal plan above are vegan and mostly living and/or raw.


Today was a beautiful day in DC, the sun felt as if a warm blanket was protecting me from the cool autumn breeze. By lunch time the sun brought the air to 75 degrees, and to me that is perfect weather. I try not to stare out the window longing to be outside on the back deck with my buddy Chico dog, soaking up the sun but I have stuff to do and so it shall get done.

Dominick and I went to the Takoma Park farmers market today with a budget of $200 to gather the items on our list.  We wrote out our meal plan for the week ahead on saturday by picking a theme and finding recipes that match well together. This week we choose an Italian Dinner week. We made a list of all the recipes and added them to the calendar accordingly. We choose Lasagna, Pasta w/ Meatballs, and Pizza because they all have red sauce and cheese. I also picked Italian dressing because I already have all the italian herbs needed.

After we plan out all of the recipes, we write out the ingredients needed and categorize them according to the store that has the cheapest and best quality. We then bring everything home, and put everything away. Lastly we make a few recipes right away for the week and make the other recipes later in the week.

Sunday is normally our shopping, preparing and relaxing day. Making food is an event at our house, we enjoy sprouting seeds and nuts, culturing cheese and experimenting with new recipes!

Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bread Ingredients

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. Moving took a lot of my time but I was still able to enjoy traveling, explore my new area, attend every farmers market and enjoy plenty of outdoor time!

I just realized with all the traveling I did this year I was able to attend at least 9 different farmers market and each of them were divine, so thankful! I was able to score on a huge basket of apples for $18; I must have gotten at least 40 apples. I made all these amazing apple recipes and I still have leftovers! I might have to consider making more apple recipes…

There were also a lot of good deals on seconds tomatoes, although we got there a little late and there wasn’t much to choose from. They let you fill up a huge basket, bigger than the basket of apples we have been getting, which allows you to get about 18lbs of tomatoes for $18…$1 a pound…Deal! We needed the tomatoes because it’s Italian Dinner week at this house. So now thanks to our farmers we have so many delicious tomatoes to make plenty of red sauce accompanied with the many fresh garlic and herbs we bought; Delicious… Ohh how I love the farmers market!!

Apple apples apples

Some of the recipes you can expect to see in coming weeks are ones that include lots of apples! It’s apple season and you better believe I’m going to be taking full advantage. Plus these recipes are



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