Nettles Infusion

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Learning how to make this drink was one of the greatest gifts of knowledge and forever I am grateful. Here’s a big thank you to my friend Lauren for introducing me to Nettle Infusions. Cheers to sharing healthy recipes with friends and family!

 Quick & Easy Nettle Infusion 

Step 1.

Add about 1/2 – 1 cup dried nettles to 1 quart almost boiling water in a glass mason jar.

(use 1/2cup nettles to 1 quart if it’s your first time and work your way up to 1 cup)

Step 2.

Put the Lid on and leave it on the counter over night or for at least 6 hours.

Step 3.

Strain the infusion into a cup or another jar; it’s best to use a funnel and a cheesecloth or metal strainer.

That’s it!

Sometimes I’ll leave out 1 cup of water the night before so in the morning I can add 1 cup boiling water for a warm drink. Read more below for why nettles are so amazing!

Also you can squeeze out the excess liquid and reuse the nettles up to 2x

Infusing Nettles

Straining Nettles Infusion

Ingredients I used

It tastes similar to tea!

Nettles has come into my life multiple times. The first was this summer when I went back to upstate NY to visit my family. One of my friends from grade school happened to stand out and I knew we needed to get together. She is such a fascinating person, she knows all about wild herbs, barks, and a bunch of other things that were all so interesting. We spent the day walking through the woods, filling up bottles of pure mountain water for our root beer and sharing our knowledge and experiences. She brought me a bag of dried nettles and it wasn’t until after she left that I was able to enjoy it.

The second time was recently at the Jubilee Peace Fest. We were walking the trails by the river and a new friend, Chris, had found fresh nettles growing everywhere. He taught me how to eat them so they don’t sting you. Either by eating the very little leaves at the top that haven’t developed large veins or by rolling off the veins of the bigger leaves. So cool but I think I’ll stick to the dry nettles for now 🙂

This herbal infusion is my perfect breakfast at the moment due to the way I feel when I’m finished drinking it…energized, light, full, warm and focused.  Too often we find ourselves obsessing over labels and nutritional facts but we forget to let go of our thoughts and take a moment to actually feel how our body is reacting to what we just put inside it. For me it has been an acquired skill to really understand my body’s way of communicating. But once I could interpret the different “feelings” or symptoms, it became hard to ignore!

My Cold & Flu Prevention

In a previous post I had mentioned my roommate had “caught a cold”. Knowing that I had always gotten sick around this time of year I knew I needed to brace myself. I made this meal plan to strengthen my immune system…and whaddayaknow, nettle infusions are on there multiple times and it’s there for good reasons. You know that feeling when your nose is tingling and you feel like you’re constantly about to sneeze? That’s normally my warning sign, I used to be utterly afraid. But this time I knew what had caused my immune system to all of a sudden show weakness…sugar cookies. Dominick always makes the best vegan sugar cookies and I can’t help myself, I’m in the classic cookie monster category. So the next morning I get a wake-up call…sneezing my face off about 10x in a row, at least I get about 3 wishes 🙂

Well I was able to completely avoid being sick and lifeless by not only my positive thoughts and wishes coming true 😉 but my ability to understand what my body needed when it sent out an SOS. I am seriously thankful for nettle infusions, spirulina, chlorella, all green foods, fermented veggies, and water! This was my secret to keeping healthy, eating as much of those ingredients as possible, all my symptoms vanished as my immune system built its strength back up and once again I was feeling 100%. I followed an 80% alkaline 20% acidic diet and right away my body was showing signs that’s what it needed.  I limited my sugar, nuts, grains seeds, etc. and waited until dinner to have heavier foods. This way my digestive system wouldn’t be bogged down and my body could focus on healing other systems.

What!? No Protein for Breakfast?

I know a lot of you protein junkies will say WHAT?!? NO PROTEIN?!?! Protein is found in every food especially in all the dark leafy greens like nettles which has 2.5g in 1 cup. I eat a variety of dark leafy greens, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes which all have protein. So therefor not getting enough protein is not even a question. Plus people do all sorts of fasting for days, weeks or even months, it is cleansing, detoxifying, so for me doing it until noon-time a few days a week proves very cleansing and even energizing!

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