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The other night I went to the studio after a wonderful day with my new friend/co-worker Joanne. We made delicious food to fuel our afternoon workout, stretched, danced,  listened to Paramore’s new album, played on the fly-gym and pole danced the night away. It was a perfect day!

In this video I am working on pole dancing combinations that incorporate true grip and the janeiro. The janeiro is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. My one tip for the Janeiro would be make sure your arm is bent at a perfect 90 degree angle to create that shelf for your hips. True grip is a little harder for me, I have been training  with split grips and twisted grips but always neglected the true grip for some reason.  The biggest thing you need to get a true grip is GRIP! I had to use a grip aid called stickum because the poles were super slippery. Stickum is umm shall I say SUPER STICKY! It’s out of this world how well it works,  I’ll put the link to it down below…I must note I’m pretty anti-chemicals for food, beauty products and such but desperate times call for desperate measures, while I wouldn’t use this stuff every time I practice I will use it when it’s unbearably slippery.

My mission this year is to get my full middle split and side over-splits. I was also able to work on my middle splits with this amazing contraption! I love warming up and hoping on this thing whenever ever I get the chance, I really need to get one for my house!

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Side note on our lovely day: Joanne and I made Sushi filled with honey mushrooms, carrots, shredded celeriac, parsnip, beets and sweet turnips all from the farmers’ market. I’ve never had such an interesting sushi roll before, but we both agreed it was really tasty!! I had made a fresh ginger sauce a couple days ago so we used the rest of it and dunked our sushi in it…food heaven, It was so delicious to snack on while we made our huge asian styled salads. My fresh batch of Pak Dong (fermented cabbage & carrot) was finally ready to go after a week of fermenting and resting so we covered our greens with it because it’s pretty much my favorite food in the world at this moment. I’m going to be sharing these recipes for sure, life just isn’t as delicious without them 😉

While we munched on our overly sized salads we read Joanne’s natal chart. I was really curious because I felt an instant connection with her, and knowing we shared the same sun sign and we are only a year apart, I figured we might share some other aspects as well. Turns out we also share a taurus moon! We are definitely very similar and that explains it. It’s truly amazing when you can just be yourself from the beginning with someone. I feel as though sometimes I mask my goofiness until I get to know you better  but Joanne and I held nothing back.

Cheers to good friends, delicious food, and fun fitness!

All my love,


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