The Flexibility Challenge Weeks 1-2

100 Day Challenge 3 | Contortion Flexibility | Weeks 1-2

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For my progress posts this time around, I want to elaborate more about the whole experience, rather then just progression photos day by day. I want to discuss the struggles and the teachings that go beyond just stretching exercises and poses. The first 2 weeks in the 100 day flexibility challenge have been difficult, trying to move out of my 1 …

The Flexibility Challenge days 43-49

100 Day Challenge 2 | Contortion Flexibility | Days 43-49

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Half way through the challenge, and I am noticing and correcting a lot more these days. I am balancing strength and flexibility constantly, and every muscle has an individual task wether it’s tightening, relaxing, or balancing. The more moves I try and record myself doing, the more I realize there are a million ways to do each move just by engaging …