50 tips and tricks to improve flexibility

50 Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Flexibility

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Let’s go over 50 different tips and tricks to help you improve your flexibility. Find or create a consistent flexibility routine. Try the flexibility challenge routines. Start with an aerobic or cardio warmup that includes joint rotations. Create a schedule; 4 days a week, 1 hour per session is a good place to start. Find a local flexibility class or …

2016 Flexibility Challenge Progress

100 Day Challenge 3 | Contortion Flexibility | Progress

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Another 100 days complete, with about 100 hours of stretching throughout. When I first started focusing on my flexibility, every single move I do today was a serious struggle. I may have been able to do it, but not at all comfortably. The last 3 challenges or 300 hours of consistent stretching routines has helped me to gain muscle mind …

Handstand Split - Flexible Strength

Flexible Strength | The Flexibility Challenge

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You want flexibility? You’re gunna need strength to get you there safely! When we think about splits, we normally don’t think about which muscles need to be engaged and which relaxed, how the legs need to rotate or extend, or the amount of weight that is placed on wrists. We just think abut pushing down further; but please don’t do this, as …

100 Day Challenge | Contortion Flexibility | Days 1-5

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100 Day Contortion Challenge, Accepted! I started this challenge to motivate and push myself towards contortion-like flexibility for advanced pole moves. For months I have been looking at flexibility inspiration on pinterest, every once in while trying a move and not really committing myself to a true stretching routine. This is something I have always wanted and especially now since …

Pole Trick Combos | True Grip Practice

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  The other night I went to the studio after a wonderful day with my new friend/co-worker Joanne. We made delicious food to fuel our afternoon workout, stretched, danced,  listened to Paramore’s new album, played on the fly-gym and pole danced the night away. It was a perfect day! In this video I am working on pole dancing combinations that incorporate …