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Rejuvelac is sprouted grains, such as wheat berries or quinoa, fermented in water. It is full of probiotics and living enzymes to aid digestion. Rejuvelac can be a refreshing drink or a stater for cultured cashew cheese.
Prep Time20 mins


  • 1/4 cup wheat berries = 1 cup sprouted wheat berries
  • 4 cups purified water



  • Soak wheat berries in a bowl of purified water for 8 hours.
  • Rinse and Drain the wheat in a strainer 2-3 times per day.
  • Once you see little tails appear rinse and drain your wheat berries for the last time.


  • Add sprouted wheat to a mason jar and add 4 cups of purified water.
  • Cover with a paper towel or coffee filter to allow the ferment to breath without getting any dust or bugs in it.
  • Let sit for 2-4 days or until you see bubbles at the top and hear fizzing.
  • Refrigerate if not using right away. Can be stored up to 2 weeks but I advise using within 1 week.


Use any kind of wheat, my favorite is rye followed but soft white wheat, I always switch it up.
I leave my wheat berries in the strainer or colander until they have sprouted so it is more convenient. Then you put the strainer over the bowl you used to soak the wheat.
Make sure everything you are using is really clean or sanitized as an extra precaution.
I don't recommend soaking wheat berries with tap water, rinsing and draining with tap water seems to be okay.
Distilled water does not work very well for fermenting, I advise not using it.
I only use purified water for the actual ferment. The chemicals in tap water can prohibit the lactobacilli from growing thus preventing the fermentation process.