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I teach private lessons, group classes, online lessons, and provide online flexibility routines via The Flexibility Challenge.

Coaching Style

After dabbling in almost every sport there is, I gained insight from a variety of coaching styles thus developing an open minded approach to fitness. In every class I try to target your specific fitness goals, using different techniques for improving balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. I infuse breathing techniques, proper form, posture and a focused mental awareness of all muscles to gain a better understanding of your body. I want you to understand your movement, lines and shapes better than ever before!

As a child I tried as many sports as possible to find the right fit, I loved gymnastics, wrestling and sprinting. As an adult I found my passion in aerial acrobatics and contortion. I am constantly on a journey of expanding my physical abilities and look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!


Book classes and private lessons with me at any of the following studios in the DMV area.

  • Flexibility Classes

    Flexibility Classes

  • Lyra ClassesLyra Classes

  • Pole Classes

    Pole Classes

Recommended Pole For Home

Gainone day at a time.

  • Full Routines

    You get my entire routine with goal specific dynamic & static stretching routines, in gif format.

  • Create Goals

    Add current & completed goals to your profile.

  • Full Profile

    Add you schedule, strengths, weaknesses and more!

  • Routine Guide

    1 hour & 2 hour suggested routines with walkthrough.

  • Pose References

    Easily find the names of poses, and some of the best tutorials on the web.

  • And More!

    Share progress, connect with our flexible members, ask questions in the forum; and do it all from your phone if you’d like!

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