50 tips and tricks to improve flexibility

50 Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Flexibility

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Let’s go over 50 different tips and tricks to help you improve your flexibility. Find or create a consistent flexibility routine. Try the flexibility challenge routines. Start with an aerobic or cardio warmup that includes joint rotations. Create a schedule; 4 days a week, 1 hour per session is a good place to start. Find a local flexibility class or …

100 Day Challenge 2 | Contortion Flexibility | Days 8-14

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Progress has been made in week 2 of the 100 day contortion challenge. Every training session I have been making gains, it is exciting to say the least! With set goals, a consistent stretching routine, and a schedule, I have been able to make progress more easily! And it’s not just me, The Flexibility Challenge community is making so much progress! It …

100 Day Challenge | Contortion Flexibility | Days 1-5

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100 Day Contortion Challenge, Accepted! I started this challenge to motivate and push myself towards contortion-like flexibility for advanced pole moves. For months I have been looking at flexibility inspiration on pinterest, every once in while trying a move and not really committing myself to a true stretching routine. This is something I have always wanted and especially now since …