• Jackfruit | Deconstructing World's Largest Tree fruit
    Introducing the largest tree fruit in the world....THE JACKFRUIT!! This fruit is by far the most natural meat replacement nature has to offer and is a...
  • Pom Pom Mushroom Sushi
    Vegan Sushi with Pom Pom Mushrooms
    Pom Pom mushrooms are the crab meat of mushrooms, which is why they're the perfect mushrooms for vegan sushi. They may be hard to come by, but if...
  • Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pudding
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pudding
    Decadent, rich, smooth, creamy; all words that come to mind when describing this vegan pudding made with a base of avocado and frozen bananas. I ha...
  • Fresh Spring Rolls
    Fresh Spring Rolls | Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce
    Fresh spring rolls made from cabbage, carrots, celeriac, romaine lettuce, and brown rice paper, dunked in a peanut butter dipping sauce. So simple and...
  • Dried Apple Wedges
    Soft Dried Apple Wedges
    Soft dried apple wedges are truly nature's candy and a simple healthy snack to satisfy your candy craving. This year Dominick and I bought 2 huge c...
  • Vegan Jackfruit Fajitas
    We have now come to the 2nd recipe in this jackfruit series, The Jackfruit Fajita! You will also get the recipe for my fabulous fire avocado sauce, it...


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I’m just living to create the best version of myself to share with my daughter, husband, chico-dog and everyone I reach.

This is where I share my favorite recipes and fitness activities.

Most of the recipes here are vegan, raw vegan, fermented, sprouted, and/or dehydrated; and all are made with whole unprocessed ingredients.

In the fitness realm, I teach pole, lyra and flexible strength classes in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. You can find all my flexible strength routines online here.

My Values