• Spiced Tea | Ginseng, Ashwagandha & Holy Basil
    Spiced Tea | Ginseng, Ashwagandha & Holy Basil
    This spiced tea blend has a spice similar to cinnamon but unique with it's earthy undertones, a flavor that is best described by the taste b...
  • Fairytale Pumpkin Bowl
    Fairytale Pumpkin Bowl for Two
    The perfect date night meal featuring a baked fairytale pumpkin, rice, lentils, and veggies smothered in fairytale pumpkin sauce. Date night isn't ...
  • Imitation Tuna Fish | Vegan
    A fresh probiotic rich substitute for tuna fish sandwiches, made from an ingredient combination you have to taste to appreciate.  You'll never g...
  • Raw Vegan Burger
    Raw Vegan Burgers | Nut-free
    A super fresh and flavorful vegan burger, packed with spices and herbs and made from a base of veggies and seeds. Raw vegan burgers were one o...
  • Raw Vegan Cheesy Kale Chips
    Super Crunchy Kale Chips | Raw Vegan & Nut Free
    Extra crunchy raw vegan kale chips made with spicy sesame cheese. When I say extra crunchy I mean it! The vegan cheese sauce dehydrates into a thick a...
  • Vegan Papa a la Huancaina
    Vegan Papa a la Huancaina
    The Peruvian dish, Papa a la Huancaína, is spicy creamy cheese sauce over boiled potatoes. In this recreated version I will be making a spicy raw vega...


I’m glad you found me! This is where I share my favorite recipes and fitness activities that make up what I call a purified lifestyle.

I focus on clean eating with whole unprocessed ingredients. Most of my recipes are vegan, raw vegan, fermented, and/or dehydrated and always with local farmer food!

When I’m not preparing food or building websites I’m teaching pole, dance and flexibility classes. I even built a whole website with all of my stretching routines so you can stretch at home!
Check it out

Calling all healthy cookie monsters! Let’s replace the ingredients to our favorite cookies with pure, simple and whole ingredients. We’re replacing flour, refined sugar, butter and eggs with ingredients such as almonds, cashews, buckwheat groats, and dates.

You’ll find the classics like thin mints, oreos, maple pecan, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, lemon poppyseed and more!

My goal was to make a versatile cookie batter that could be used in a variety of different cookies. I wanted options and I especially wanted a raw vegan cookie with crispy outsides and soft insides. Many cookies later, I came up with 3 base recipes that can be used interchangeably in all 12 cookies. That means there are a total of 36 cookie recipes!

Pure Cookie Book

Gainone day at a time.

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