A Purified Lifestyle by Amanda Nicole Smith

Hello Beautiful People,

I am beyond excited you are here! 🙂 My goal is to inspire anyone and everyone to live their version of a purified lifestyle.

Purified Lifestyle

Purified: adjective
-Without any extraneous matter and unnecessary elements.
Lifestyle: noun
– The habits, attitudes, tastes, etc. , that constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

Who Am I?

I am peaceful, I am intense, I am quiet, I am loud, I am light, I am darkness, I am strong, I am flexible, I am positive, I am negative, I am nothing and yet I am everything.

I am a lover, a learner, a teacher, a sharer, and a creator.

I love pole dancing, cooking, reading, astrology, stretching, organizing, planning, building websites, technology, nature, playing the cello, hanging out with my husband Dominick and our dog chico, hiking, listening to music, dancing with trees, being goofy, being serious, wrestling, water-skiing, snow-boarding, running fast, and 1 million other things but those are the first that come to mind.

Amanda and Dominick

Amanda Nicole Smith - Flexibility On A Tree

What Do I Do? 

The Flexibility Challenge | Feet To Head | Before and After

My Lifestyle

Check Out My Top 10 Immune Boosting Habits

I went from being sick to healthy by concentrating on my food and fitness routine.

I also concentrated on my thoughts and feelings, and practiced being more mindful and present in my everyday life. 

It’s not about what I gave up eating, it’s about what I added to my diet to replace what no longer served me.

I eat about 80% raw, fermented, or dehydrated fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs.

fruits and veggies for the week

I always try to consume as many spices and herbs as possible.

I drink about 1 gallon of water per day to keep hydrated. I also like drinking herbal infusions, teas, and fermented sodas.

I am not a vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, paleo dieter, or any other name you can think of. 

I will eat meat that was raised by a caring, respectful family and I will pay them more because to me meat is for special occasions only, but that’s just me.

I don’t eat cheese or any other dairy because I don’t need it, I can live without. I prefer cooking with coconut milk, it just tastes better to me.

I don’t like butter, never have, coconut oil is my cooking oil of choice.

I will not eat processed foods like white bread, table salt, refined sugar or any other food that has been chemically or genetically altered.

I don’t eat out at restaurants very often, unless it is known for “pure” food, Thankfully more and more restaurants are popping up all over.

I focus on adding a variety of high quality foods to my routine like spirulina, hemp seed,  blue-green algae, many different spices, herbs, barks, berries, roots, grasses, you name it I probably use it.

I don’t count calories, check my weight, count points, or anything that doesn’t flow with the natural rhythm of life.

If I start to get a stuffy nose, I know I ate too much sugar or bread and need to eat more alkalizing foods like citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, algae, seaweed, etc. 

I do not use beauty products that have chemicals.

I learned my balance by stripping away everything and slowly adding in treats like real baked cookies, occasional meat and eggs, or other cooked grains. I can feel how slow these foods are to digest in my systems and the last thing I need to do is slow down.

I use essential oils and healthy moisturizers like pure shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil on a daily basis for hair conditioner, face wash, body wash, suntan lotion and so on.

I am always going for walks and hikes with my dog chico and getting a workout using trees, vines, rocks, or anything else that looks fun. This way working out stays fun and I get to spend time with the pup at the same time.

amanda nicole smith tree pole



A Brief History

I was sick all the time from stomach, sinus, and respiratory problems, I had every symptom, but no doctor to put a name to them. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I wanted to find my ideal lifestyle where I could eliminate the suffering multiple times a year. Enough was enough!

At the time I was also beginning a serious love for pole dancing and performing. However I knew my athleticism was decreasing from an unbalanced food and fitness routine. My body wasn’t repairing properly and I started to have aches and pains that would not go away on top of all my other problems.

My main goal was to be healthy and balanced for the first time in my life, for the rest of my life.

I tried being vegetarian, I tried being vegan but I still had problems. I really thought I was eating healthy, I was buying fruits, vegetables, fake “chicken” nuggets, fake cream “cheese”, and organic snacks. I thought to myself, what gives? Turns out that stuff isn’t so healthy after all.

AND THEN…..March 31st 2011, I watched Food Matters and I instantly changed my lifestyle without a second thought. I’ll admit I was a bit rash in my immediate response but my emotions were at an all time high and I was left with hundreds of questions. Later on I had to figure out my stance, my truth to the matter. 

Posted on Facebook March 31st, 2011
PLEASE READ!!! – Food Matters

I just watched a movie that turned my stomach and made me think. The movie is called “Food Matters” and I want to fill you in with a recap of how I interpreted it. Our whole lives we have been taught certain ways to cook our food. We learned there is a pill for every ill. The medications that doctors put us on, treat the symptoms not the “dis-ease” Our bodies are the most incredible machines in the world. Our body is able to heal itself with it’s own natural processes. But then you ask, why can’t my body fight this flu, or fight cancer? The answer has always been right in front of us!!! THE FOOD WE ARE EATING IS TOXIC!!!!

All the government wants is money! If we were to all eat healthy, we would be healthy. If we were to all be healthy we wouldn’t need doctors, prescriptions, and so on. There are millions of dollars and yes our taxpaying dollars, going to the research of cancer and other diseases. Cancer has been the #2 killer (#1 heart disease) and death rates have increased by MORE THAN DOUBLE! From aprox. 200,000 to 560,000. Why can’t they find a cure for cancer? THEY CAN BUT THEY WON’T. The drug companies, schools, hospitals, me, you and whoever else I’m missing has invested millions of dollars in the research of a cancer cure. If we found a cure, drug companies, schools, etc would loose a billion dollar industry. Think about the people who are sick and the families of those who are sick, who pay thousands of dollars to dr. appointments, and medication. 


It has been proven that high doses of vitamin C , along with a lifestyle change can cure cancer (NO MORE MCDONALDS OR PROCESSED FOOD!!) A lifestyle change requires a new outlook on food. People say vitamins are bad but there has been a reported but unverified 10 deaths total in 20 some years. That is in comparison to the 2 million and then some killed by prescription dugs that were taken properly under a doctor’s care. Problem is no one will believe it because the news does not report it, the solution is too “easy” (whatever that means). Doctors don’t study nutrition and vitamins at all. They don’t even recognize it, obviously take a look at the hospital food they give to our terminally ill! That makes me sick to my stomach to know they are feeding our loved ones GARBAGE! Our body can heal itself as long as it is not malnourished! 

“Food” now-a-days has been so modified that there are NO Nutrients in commercially bought food. Not even in the fruits and vegetables!! Why? Because the soil that has been used over and over and has become deficient. Not even mentioning the fact that the soil only has 3 out of the 52 necessary nutrients needed to have a healthy plant, and has been sprayed by all the pesticides and chemicals there are.  By the time it gets to your kitchen, it is at best already a week old. THEN WE COOK THE FOOD!! Depleting almost all the enzymes and nutrients. Now to take it even a bit deeper. Even worse they are feeding grain to our cows. I don’t know if you remember this from grade school but cows eat grass! So when you feed grain to cows, their feces are toxic. Normally their feces fertilize the grass but there is no grass on most farms. So now the cows stand in their own shit which is how ecoli is spread. These cows are then, shit and all, herded together on a truck spreading the disease to all, and then sprayed with more chemicals to clean off. HAHAHAHA! Every piece of commercial meat is sprayed with chemicals, washed in chemicals and then sent off to be sold to restaurants and grocery stores. You just have to watch this movie for yourself “Food Matters” 

I found it on netflix. You can start a free trial for a month and watch this movie for free!

I’m starting my lifestyle change ASAP. I want to detoxify myself of all the chemicals so I can live a healthy enjoyable life. There is so much to learn and my life is so worth it! 


Buying a new car


Eating the best foods ever that increase your energy and mood

Raw vegan food to the rescue!

After watching that movie, along with several other resources, I decided to try a strict organic raw vegan diet with my boyfriend Dominick. We would not eat anything that was cooked above 115 degrees. This limited us to only eating fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. That meant no more fake chicken nuggets, and no more fake cheese.  

Coming from junk food and classic american meals, there was no way we could live with just eating plain fruits and vegetables; so I started to look up recipes that somewhat replicated our favorite meals.

I invested in a blender, dehydrator, and food processor; all of which were $40 or less each. I found a few good raw vegan websites with some pretty good recipes, and I also found a lot of inspiring people to keep me motivated. 

The way in which raw foods were prepared intrigued and baffled me at the same time. It was a challenge to understand what every ingredient meant to the recipe. I quickly fell in love with experimenting in the kitchen, but it got pretty expensive buying all my produce from whole foods. That is when I discovered the farmers market, where I could get my favorite produce, spices, and herbs in bulk for way cheaper.

I started making more and more recipes, tweaking them here and there with many failures and successes.

After about 3 weeks of this new lifestyle, I felt better than I ever had before; despite the major detox I was going through. I knew I needed to share my experiences, to inspire anyone willing to be inspired to eat a few raw vegan meals a week.

Finally I found the my path, and now I want to help you along yours!

Much Love,

Amanda xoxo


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