Homemade Mango Lemonade Ice Pops

Mango Lemonade Ice Pops

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Mango lemonade ice pops made with fresh fruit and no added sugar are seriously fruity and tangy with a hint of sour. It’s the perfect quick and easy summer recipe and replaces those artificially flavored and colored freeze pops.

I used to eat 4-5 ice pops on a hot summer day when I was a child. I missed them dearly once I started getting rid of all the artificial stuff in my life. I remember that if you sucked out all the juice, you’d be left with a flavorless ice chunk to bite off, but with these pops, the flavor never goes away. You can keep sucking and it will still have flavor, and it’s a more pronounced flavor. Real fruit flavor just tastes better in my opinion!

These pops are incredibly easy to make, you blend together mango, lemon juice and water, or you can use Santa Cruz’s mango lemonade juice for even more flavor. I only used juice because they were on sale at my local market for $2.50 per quart. I also used an ataúlfo, aka champagne, mango but you can use the keitt mango which is what stores normally carry here in the US. 


I used ice pop molds this time, called zipzicles, but any kind of popsicle mold will do.


Homemade Mango Lemonade Ice Pops

Mango Lemonade Ice Pops

Real fruit, no added sugar freeze pops.
Prep Time5 minutes
Servings: 5
Author: Amanda NicoleSmith


  • 1 mango
  • 1 lemon; juiced
  • 1 cup water; or mango lemonade juice


  • Blend all the ingredients together.
  • Use a funnel to pour into molds.
  • Freeze for about 4 hours.

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