22 Weeks Pregnant

A Purified Pregnancy | Weeks 21-22

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The second trimester has been treating me well, and I have been hoping the third trimester, which is slowly creeping up, will treat me just as good. I can already tell the pressure on my bladder, will be a nuisance but nothing I can’t handle, especially after such a rough first trimester, so I say bring it on.

I had an amazing couple of weeks, both my family and my in-laws came to visit and met for the first time. My parents live in upstate NY and Dominick’s parents live in Kansas City, so for the past 6+ years we have been together, they just never had the chance to meet. It was so nice having both my mammas there to share memories of our childhoods, and give us more insight on what we’re in for as new parents.

Dominick’s Mom and Grandma were also able to come to my DR’s appointment and saw Adrianna wave on the screen, she loves to wave, or give the thumbs up like last time…so cute! I even got the cutest printout of her feet and toes, and it also looks like she was sucking her thumb. I just can’t wait to meet her!!

Baby Shopping

As I mentioned before, I’ve gotten a lot of the essentials from friends, and I started a registry on Amazon, but I hadn’t yet bought anything. I’m a huge believer in reusing and recycling, so Mom, Dad, and I found some awesome thrift stores nearby and bought a bunch of baby clothes and books. We got all the classics, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, When You Give A Mouse A Cookie, pretty much all the great nursery rhymes, Dr Seuss, The Bernstein Bears, and so many more. I am seriously looking forward to reading to her every night.

The thrift store, unexpectedly, had a lot of nice nearly brand new clothes for about $1-$2 a piece. We bought her clothes ranging in sizes, so we’re off to a good start in the clothing department. I really cherished our mother daughter time shopping for my daughter, it was surreal, and I’m just so thankful for our family being so supportive and loving.


I have been feeling a few more light kicks recently, not much, but enough to let me know she’s in there. I’m excited to feel her more and more. 


I’ve been sticking to the same stuff, whole natural foods, still eating a ton of fruits and vegetables, and trying to eat as balanced of a diet as possible. I haven’t been taking prenatal vitamins because I feel confident I’ve been getting enough nutrients from food. I’m constantly researching all the things I need and what foods I can find them in, so far so good. I feel good, Adrianna is doing good, so I’m happy with my decision. 

My favorite recipe of the week is strawberry rhubarb crispy cream cakes. So far I’ve made two, I love eating a slice every day for breakfast, fills me up and gives me what I need, plus its super yummy!!


Lately I have been doing a lot of light stretches and warmups, teaching classes, nature walks/hikes, and some aerial acrobatics here and there. But I really want to start doing more simple things like squats, calf raises, bicep curls, shoulder flies, and tricep dips, especially as I get farther along. I have my strong days and then I have my “I want to sleep all day” days. I miss hardcore training, but I think that going back to the basics and using weights will be a lot easier to keep up with than aerial. Of course I’ll still play around on the hoop and pole, I just want to supplement with easier yet still invigorating exercises.

A lot of pregnant ladies on Instagram have me in awe, I just can’t believe some of the things they do all the way up to 40 weeks, things I can’t even do when not pregnant. It’s incredible, and inspires me to at least do what I already could do, as long as it feels good. I’ve got to say I’m pretty proud of myself for still being able to Iron X without using my abs. It’s definitely a mind/muscle game to try and trigger other muscles to pick up the weight of the abdominals.

I love being in the studio with all my girls, talking about the baby, and what they went through with their children. I feel a great sense of community and support with them, I’m very thankful to have these relationships.

I also love working out alone with my first baby Chico-dog, swimming in the river or bay, going for hikes and meditating by the lake. He’s the biggest baby I know and has already started to prep me for the joys of parenthood. In a way I already feel like a parent, wiping his mouth after he eats or when he drools, wiping his butt if he doesn’t get it all out, taking him on adventures, snuggling with him when he’s cold or lonely, cleaning up his toys, giving him baths, and nowadays waking up in the middle of the night to let him out. And that’s just mentioning some of the things I do for him, lol. The big difference between him and a baby is that a baby grows up and can eventually do these things for themselves, whereas Chico will always be my big baby, but I’m okay with that.

My patience has really been put to the test and it’s been hard, I just want to hold her and kiss her and hug her…feels like forever away but yet not so far away. 

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