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Easy DIY stone necklaces are the perfect gift for friends and family. You can personalize this gift by using their birthstone, or by looking up that stones meaning and matching it to what that person needs in their life.

For example Chrysocolla, my favorite, is said to help the individual carrying it to speak their truth.

Chrysocolla is first and foremost a Stone of Communication. Its very essence is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. The serenity of its turquoise-blue color discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. A peaceful stone, it emphasizes the power our words and actions have on those around us, and encourages compassion and strengthening of character.

-Excerpt from CrystalVaults.com

Every stone, gem, crystal, etc. has a deeper meaning that can be matched with the receiver, they also have different colors that you can match to the receiver’s favorite color.

Ironically I was naturally drawn to a turquoise chrysocolla at my local herb shop; 2nd to left, when I went to look it up I found turquoise is my birth stone, it’s my favorite color, and it’s deeper meaning suites my needs perfectly.

The stones below are as follow from left to right. Selenite, calcite, quartz, calcite, citrine, tiger eye, chrysocolla, and tiger eye.

Easy Handmade Stone Necklaces

Sometimes I’ll just carry the stone in my pocket or handbag, but other times I like to wear it around my neck, right at the heart chakra.

For guys, you may just want to give them a stone to put in their car, office, home, or in their pocket. Dominick loves putting the himalayan salt in all the corners of the house, after reading that it purifies the home. My mom got us a himalayan salt lamp* as year that is really cool, I was thinking you could use an assortment of stones.

Necklace Supplies

All you’ll need is a few jewelry making supplies that you can get from your local craft store or online, and stones and gems which you can also buy online or at a local herb shop.

Make sure you use the same color for everything. I tried to link to all sterling silver. There are so many different types of piece designs, I would just go to your local Michaels for the best selection. Joann’s has the second best selection, and then AC Moore. There are also may local bead shops around, so don’t forget to check your area.

It took me about 10-20 minutes to make each necklace, once I got the hang of it.

Necklace How-To

  1. Put a semi-thin layer of glue over the pendent with a cotton swab, paintbrush, or tooth pick. I’m sure you could also dot a pea sized amount in the center of the blank pendant.
  2. Push the rock down onto the pendent for at least 30 seconds. Then put it upside down and let it sit for at least 6 hours.
  3. Cut the Chain. If using Toggle Clasps, cut the chain to exact length. If using other closures cut a little bit longer so it can have adjustable sizes. I just used scissors, but you can also use needle nose pliers to pull the link apart. 
  4. Put the stone on the chain before adding he jump rings or it may not fit, depending on how wide the pendant bail is, and how large your jump rings are.
  5. Add jump rings to both ends of the chain, especially if the chain links are too small for the closures to clasp around, or if they’re too small to clasp around the toggle links. Use the needle nose pliers to gently pull the link apart, thread it through the chain link.
  6. Add the clasp to the already open jump ring, then gently close the jump ring the needle nose pliers. The clasp will hook to jump ring on the other side or to the chain, if the links are big enough.



It took me about 10-20 minutes to make each necklace, once I got the hang of it.

My favorite part about this project was making and scavenging the supplies with my friend Alissa. We had a fun time listening to christmas music, eating snacks and making a ton of necklaces and earrings for everyone. 


The earrings are mush easier to make than the necklaces because all you have to do is glue the stones on blank earring studs, press it down for 30 seconds, and let it sit for at least 6 hours.

Blank Earring Studs

Blank Earring Backs


The rings are also easy to make, same concept, you just glue the stone to the ring blank, press it down for 30 seconds, and let it sit for at least 6 hours.

Ring Blanks


Happy Holidays!

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