25 Weeks Pregnant

A Purified Pregnancy | 23-25 Weeks

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Food, fitness, work, baby kicking and tumbling, meditation, preparation, and relaxation; a day in the life of this pregnant lady.

These last couple of weeks I have been more focused than ever on eating a ton of nutritious food, working out just enough to feel my best, and sleeping as much as I can. My goal is to try and get in as much rest as possible before the baby comes, my body agrees but my mind is restless.

I cannot believe I have been pregnant for 6 months, time is really flying! I guess that’s partly because I have been going non stop like an energizer bunny. If I don’t wear myself out by the end of the day, I can’t sleep at night, so work, work, work is the daily agenda, or insomnia is the inevitable.


Feeling More Movement & Kicks

Kicks is not really the term I would use to describe the feeling, it’s more like pokes or a muscle twitch. And because my placenta is in the front, I mainly feel kicks towards by back, or really low in my pelvis area. Dominick has yet to feel a kick but I’m sure within the next week or two he’ll be able to feel something. He was able to feel her pushing up towards the front, which she has been doing a lot lately. Sometimes you’ll feel what we think is her head just pushing as hard up against my lower stomach as possible, that gets really uncomfortable when I’m trying to sleep, but it’s reassuring, so I don’t mind.

I absolutely love it when she kicks, rolls, or moves, before I was blind, not knowing if everything was alright, but now I’m constantly reminded she’s doing well. Some days she kicks probably about 100 times a day, some days she a lot less active, or I’m just too active to even notice. My favorite is when she rolls around, I get that feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster.

I’m definitely trying to enjoy all the movement as much as possible before its over because it’s such an incredible experience, I’m constantly  in the state of gratitude.

Deciding Where To Deliver

I am getting more and more anxious to meet baby girl, but we still have a lot more preparation to do. I haven’t even decided where I want to birth yet, I love the doctor I have been going to for my prenatal checkups, but I don’t love the idea of delivering at a hospital. I love the idea of Nova birth center, but our insurance doesn’t cover free standing birth centers, and I just can’t justify spending $5,000 cash just to deliver there. So I have an appointment with the George Washington midwives that a new mom friend introduced me to, however they have strict guidelines and I may or may not make the cut. Thankfully their guidelines are the exact same guidelines I follow in my purified lifestyle, so fingers crossed they have a spot for me in September.

I have been reading up on orgasmic births and painless natural births, so hopefully I can eliminate my fears and experience an enjoyable delivery like many woman have. Another new mommy friend reached out to me and gave me some great advice, she also had an orgasmic birth. I’m so thankful for all these supportive fearless moms coming into my life, they’re definitely boosting my confidence.


I’m eating a lot more lately to try and pack on the pounds, as I have only gained 10 pounds so far, although my doctors say it’s all good keep doing what you’re doing. I am still eating tons of fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, well raised meat, and a bit of dairy. This week I splurged and got a quart of yogurt and a pint of cream cheese from the farmers. I avoided dairy for a long time but I was feeling like I should try to include a bit more in my diet. Now after the fact, I feel like I can do without dairy and continue eating more veggie sourced calcium. 

My biggest craving this week has been my favorite veggie fruit juice made with celery, cucumbers, carrots, apples, young thai coconut, and a slice of ginger. I literally salivate as I make this because it’s so tasty and makes me feel so alive after drinking. 

I can definitely feel a greater difference in energy levels after eating certain foods. For instance after eating zoodles and marinara sauce, I feel absolutely incredible, full but not heavy and full of energy. However, after eating a whole wheat bagel and cream cheese, I feel full for a bit than abnormally hungry shortly after, and lethargic. I love feeling my best so I really try to stick to the options that support that feeling.

Dominick and I made one of our favorite meals, BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sandwiches and boy was it delicious! Plus it’s packed with nutrition, perfect for the baby. 

One of my favorite parts of the day, these last couple of weeks, was going out first thing in the morning and picking mulberries from the newly discovered tree in our backyard. I love mulberry season, they’re so delicious and healthy too! When we went to the Potomac river, we found huge mature mulberry trees with millions of delicious mulberries, I’m dying to go back. Some trees don’t produce the sweetest of mulberries, but these were by far the best mulberries I have ever had!


I’m still poling, and doing aerial acrobatics, just not as much as I used to. I’m also only focusing on splits, as I cannot do backbends without feeling uncomfortable. I see pregnant ladies doing backbends on Instagram all the time, but I’m guessing they have posterior placentas. For me it literally feels like if I stretch any farther, my stomach is going to snap, no bueño. 


Besides that, I have been hiking, walking and swimming a lot lately. I love being in nature and meditating, taking in all my senses and just enjoying the peace. Not only am I clearing my mind of constant chatter, but I’m also getting my workout in so I can sleep well.

Last week I visited the Chesapeake bay, laid out on the beach, and swam with a friend and Chico-dog, and then last weekend Dominick, Chico, and I floated down the Potomac river on our new double tube. It was so nice, it has a cooler built in so you can bring snacks and drinks, super relaxing. I think the best part was looking over, seeing Chico dog enjoying just sitting in the tube floating. He is a big swimmer so we had to wear him out first, he’ll chase after sticks and then swim up the current like a champ, you would never know he’s almost 9 years old!

What a busy few weeks it has been, I still can’t believe I’ll be in the third trimester soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how my lifestyle will change.

We still have a lot more to do before baby arrives, but I’m sure we’ll pull it off just in time. We still don’t know if we’ll be moving, so for now it’s a mystery. As it stands right now we have a solid home for Adrianna and lots of love to give, so I keep reassuring myself, everything will work out for the best.

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